Protest against the Delay by Delhi Government to Pass Land Pooling Policy

The Housing society body and its members held a huge protest against the Delhi government for their actions causing delay in the implementation of land pooling policy.

More than thousands of people were involved in an on road parliament by housing society and developers which disrupted the traffic a little bit.

The members stated that the policy will be beneficial to both landowners and the people of Delhi and it urged both LG and CM of Delhi to successfully implement the policy as soon as they can.

The DDA is yet to take a final decision over the land Pooling policy because it is awaiting a report from the Delhi government about the inclusion of various villages in the categories of development areas or urbanized villages.

The Urban ministry passed the policy over a year ago and the ball was in the court of Delhi Government but the delay in the reporting to make which villages in development areas and urbanized villages has led to the policy still waiting to be passed.

The decision solely rest on Delhi Government in the classification of the areas and which is why the housing society has also urged for a notification.

The policy will make land owners as active members in the project divided in two phases, one for 20 hectares of land with DDA only involved in 40% partnership and the other on land between 2 and 20 hectares with 52% partnership from DDA.

The policy will be only applicable to the so called urbanized villages which will then be left from the Delhi Reforms Act.

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