Govt Rider to Land Pooling Policy

The Delhi government has agreed in-principle to put its stamp of approval on DDA’s land-pooling policy provided the agency makes a few amendments to it.The AAP government wants DDA to hand over 12-15% of the pooled land (from DDA’s share) to it for free for development projects.

The decision was communicated to the land-owning agency on Thursday . The policy was notified by the Union urban development ministry in 2013. “It is suggested that a provision may be made in the land-pooling policy to hand over the component pertaining to industrial (4-5%), public and semi-public facilities (8-10%)–12-15% in total of the pooled land–to the Delhi government free of cost,“ said an official.

Sources said the government was facing a lot of difficulty in getting land from DDA. “The government requires land for facilities such as electrical sub-stations, stadium, industrial areas, old-age homes, hostels, schools, etc. It has to buy land from DDA,“ the official added.

According to Delhi government officials, if the policy is amended, it will help the government build infrastructure on time. DDA officials said that the government’s view would be studied and placed before the competent authority for a final decision.

The land-pooling policy is stuck for the past one year as the Delhi government is yet to declare 95 villages where the policy will be implemented as development areas.The government had already transferred gram sabha land in these 95 villages to its revenue department. This will help the government keep those plots for infrastructure projects even after the villages have been handed over to DDA.

Sources said DDA might not agree to hand over its land to the government free of cost. “We have to see the issue in totality. DDA will be spen ding money on providing basic infrastructure in these areas. The industrial areas can’t be given free of cost. But the matter has to be studied as implementation of the land pooling policy is crucial for Delhi’s development,“ said a senior official.

There are other issues that need to be addressed before implementing the policy .For instance, the city government is yet to give full exemption on stamp duty . DDA officials said the government had exempted stamp duty just for the first stage in which farmers or developers will transfer property rights to the development authority .For the second stage in which DDA will return 48-60% land back to the farmers or developers, the latter might have to pay the stamp duty .

Source from: Times Of India

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