April 22, 2017

Dwarka Diplomatic Enclave 2

Few days ago, the Cabinet has approved the urban development that covers totally 35 hectares of land so that can set up a new diplomatic center. This project is mainly developed to accommodate foreign missions as well as international organizations. Chanakyapuri is the heart of the Delhi here plotting as well as the external affairs ministry would do the process of land allocation. Now, this new diplomatic center in Sector 24 Dwarka covers one-tenth of the size of the total size of Chanakyapuri sensitive area.

Based on the internal sources, the Delhi Master Plan 2021 chose this piece of land for setting embassies and foreign enclaves. In general, the Land Pooling Policy of Delhi is the private-public partnership model, and this model is mainly created to experience development in the outer areas of Delhi into smart cities. Of course, the land pooling policy otherwise knows as LPP model, and this system mainly aims to develop the more number of the house in Delhi.

The Delhi government also chosen huge acre of land, DDA and the Delhi government also experience some difficulties while allocating land for this project. In general, the Delhi government has around 3500 acres of land, it will create problem for the DDA and Delhi government while allocating land to the external affairs ministry because the external ministry has claimed zero ground rent for the upcoming construction. In addition to this, the foreign affairs department requested that the DDA keep a rate of property unchanged for 2 years. But now all the problems and issues can be solved due to this DDA offers land and development office at an unbelievable price, surprisingly they only charges1 rupee.

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