Real Estate Market of Delhi-NCR Turns Into a Flea Market!

We all know that profit is made when we buy things, not when we sell them. It is true in any kind of business or deal. But, the problem in India when it comes to buying properties in real estate, is that we have never get a chance to buy properties with freedom and on our own terms. The traditional and unorganised structure of our real estate have always let the buyers down, especially since the growth of our economy started. The investors and builders have always been a step ahead of the buyers. But, this is the time of buyers. The real estate market is at its lowest in the last couple of years. There are various reasons of that such as strict policies or loss of buyer confidence. The important thing is India’s biggest real estate market, Delhi-NCR has now actually become a heaven for the buyers.

The property rates are at its bottom in Delhi-NCR. The investors have withdrawn from buying any property which has left the builders in a tough situation. There are more than a lac ready-to-move in properties at Noida Expressway, Greater Noida West or Noida Extension, Dwarka Expressway and in Gurgaon. However, there are no buyers which have created multiple problems for the builders as their inflow of money has ceased. This has made them make offers that are favorable for the buyers so that they can sell. The ball is now in the buyer’s court as now, they can negotiate according to their terms. You can now shortlist four or five properties and can go to the extent of your negotiating capabilities. The important thing is that you should have multiple options for a property as you should understand that the market of real estate now is such that power is in your hands. Even after the global recession in 2008, the properties were not as much down as they are now.

If you are a home seeker or have newly acquired a job, try to get hold-on to a property in this low market. With coming of policies such as RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority), prices will again soar in a year’s time as the buyer confidence would start to come in again. This will be due to the path breaking laws under RERA which would bring high transparency in the market. As far as the present is concerned, research about the brand, delivery records and quality of the houses you choose. The prices are as low as Rs. 3500 per sq. ft. This does not necessarily mean that you would get your deal. You have to show the builder that you are serious about buying the property so that he can think to cut the rates down. Even the commission rates of agents have gone down. Do your homework in secondary market too, as you will find further reduced prices there. Many property experts are saying that negotiations regarding parking spaces, maintenance charges etc. will also be fruitful for a buyer. You will never be in such an advantageous situation as a buyer as now because the demands are really low than supply.

To make things figuratively easy for you, we are giving a price list of the major markets of Delhi-NCR. See and decide for yourself that where will you buy your new property!


Starting Price (in lacs)


Greater Noida West


Noida Expressway


Sector-75, 78, 79







Raj Nagar Extension




Crossings Republik



Sector 37C and 37D


Golf  Course Road


Golf Course Extension


Dwarka Expressway